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Financial Markets
powering secondary markets in crypto
We at Capx are building the infrastructure & tools to make the secondary markets of crypto - more efficient and accessible. Our ecosystem comprising of Capx Liquid, Capx Exchange and Capx Lend will make these markets more accessible for the community to participate and the projects to build on top of it
The Wrapped Vesting Tokens (WVTs) shall dictate the economies of secondary markets by flooding it with liquidity and therefore opportunities for the investors. As crypto markets become more mature, we are expected to see a immense growth in the value locked as unvested tokens and the numerous potential financial instruments & products utilising the liquid derivatives of the same.
Capx Architecture
A P2P decentralised exchange, built to empower the community by enabling the access to the secondary markets in crypto. Therefore facilitating the WVT trade, where WVT holders shall be able to negotiate and trade their long positions on projects within its community.
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For Investors
Invest like a VC, Manage like a Hedge Fund. Hedge your positions on different projects by doing a token swap with other funds.

The power to expand your portfolio by getting your principal amount back and reinvesting it in more projects while the rest of your allocation sits on an upside.
For Teams
With Capx ensure your token’s Floor Price is on an upward curve. Everytime an investor sells thier WVTs, the floor price of your token goes up in the secondary markets.

Be better prepared for token unlocks and mitigate the risk of price volatility due to investor dumps when unlocks happen.
The Power
of Wrapped Vesting Tokens (WVTs)
Capx enables the project to unlock its locked unvested tokens and cater to the secondary markets of crypto. This not only encourages proactive community participation and investment but also helps founders better manage their tokens.
WVTs i.e. Wrapped Vesting Tokens are essentially liquid derivates of the locked unvested tokens usually held by investors, team members, founders or partners. As WVT is a unique financial instrument on its own, its applications are multifold and is to unlock more than $1 Trillion Dollars of locked wealth.
Build on Capx
Capx’s wide range of products and financial instruments empowers the builders of tomorrow to leverage the infrastracuture to build the next generation of products for the secondary markets
Community Bonds
Redefining fundraise, community bonds acts as a tool to help founders raise capital in the most democratic and fair way possible - directly from their community. These community bonds would have a locking period and a minimum guaranteed APY attached, thereby protecting token dump and building towards sustainable growth.
Sigma Drops
Sigma Drop introduces an innovative and conscience way to ‘airdrop’. By using its proprietary intelligent-data technology it can categorically targets and drops tokens (unlocked or WVTs) to the specific community members as per the project’s requirements. In case of WVTs they can’t be utilised in the primary markets & therefore incentivises the investor to become part of the growing community.
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Supported Networks
Capx is always working on expanding our ecosystem and building interoperability.
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